When we talk to past and current customers, one brand ranks high above the rest in quality, durability and key control. Our customers prefer Medeco locks over all other brands, because they want the highest level of protection a deadbolt can offer.

Unlike the leading hardware store locks which operate with plastic parts and brass bolts Medeco locks are made with hardened steel bolts and their patented bolt throwing mechanism is surrounded by a heavy-gauge steel housing for maximum security.

The following chart shows how each of Medeco's patented parts offers the maximum security:

 What Thieves Attempt:

 How Maxum Fights Back:
 They try to drill the lock Hardened steel inserts resist drilling
 They try to pick the lock Cylinders are virtually pickproof 
 They try to copy your key Only authorized signers can order keys
 They try to pry it with a crowbar Hardened steel bolt and housing resist
 They try to kick in the door Strike plate anchors lock to structure
 They try to wrench off the lock Collar spins under pressure
 They try to hammer the lock free Steel mounting bolts resist
 They try to saw through the bolt Hardened steel bolt resists a hacksaw

Medeco locks are available in either a traditional commercial style or with refined residential sophistication. The security of a Maxum deadbolt incorporates flawlessly into any home or business. With a broad range of finishes Maxum will match most standard finishes as a seamless upgrade to existing hardware, or provide the perfect first impression for new installations.

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